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Front crank seal removal

In the midst of replacing my head (http://act… I am replacing my leaky front crank seal.

I can’t figure out how to get it out. The manual just says pry it out with a hooked tool or screwdriver with a rag on it.

There are no pry slots in the housing or old seal. Its basically flush. There are 4 tiny little indents on the outside of the old seal but they are so thin and shallow that noting I can put in there can bite anything. The only small bit I can get just picks bits of the seal off. I don’t want to ram anything in there for obvious reasons.

The new seal (a Federal Mogul) is hard rubber through and through and fairly flexible. But the old one appears to maybe be rubber coated metal - so as near as I can tell I can’t just poke anything into it.

So I have nothing to pry on and can’t penetrate the seal to pry that way.

I thought about carefully drilling myself a couple of holes but the risks there are obvious.

So is there a smart way to do this?

1997 Ford Escort; 2.0L SOHC

This is the tool you need to remove the crankshaft seal. Most parts stores sell this tool.


Thanks Tester. I don’t have the tool and didn’t go out to buy one but when I saw how it worked I improvised. I was too focused on the outside of the seal. I actually just got one of my curved picks into the inside, hook toward the metal frame a little and one good yank popped it out. I’m sure the tool reduces the risk of damage, but I managed to not hurt the shaft.

Thanks again.

This reminds me of a trick to remove rear axel seals that our readers may find helpful. A good tool to remove the seal is the axel you have in your hand (use the end without the wheel studs)

Ahhh…but only if you can come through the other side. This one was one direction only - out.

Though I will add that the old seal was very handy for tapping in the new one when the socket I had was only mostly the right size.