Axel seal dodge 4wd front



97 Dodge, 3/4 ton driver side axel seal is leaking. What’s involved in changing the seal? Any place on the web to get step by step? Thanks


If it’s a solid axle front end (I assume it’s a Dana 60), you’ve got to pull the wheel off, remove the hub lockout, remove the hub and rotor, and unbolt the spindle from the knuckle. Then you can pull the axle shaft out of the housing, pop out the old seal with a chisel/punch and hammer, drive in a new seal, and reassemble. That’s the quick-and-dirty, a cheap Haynes or Chilton manual will have every little detail.


Thanks for the info. I would buy a manual if this was my vehicle. I’m working on it for someone. I have a manual for all my vehicles and even subscribed to on-line manuals for my own.
Ah, what the heck. Maybe I’ll get the manual for this Dodge. Might come in handy.


You might just take the wheel off and have a gander at what you’re dealing with. It is not an advanced mechanism by any stretch of the imagination. You might be able to get it without a manual. The only thing you couldn’t figure out by examining it would be the torque spec on the hub nut, and you might be able to find that on the net.


I have heard that a parts place could print out the info. Auto-Zone may be the one. Some of the stores encourage you to read their manuals on the shelf. A lot of them are without wrappers.