95 civic axle removal


i need2 know how to remove an axel from the transmision


Pull it out. It is held in with a clip that should release when pulled on. If it begins to separate the joint, you may have to pry it out of the transmission with a narrow pry bar. There should be a flat spot on the side of the transmission case for this purpose.


Have you got it loose from the spindle end, or are you at the very beginning with the wheels still on the car? If the former, do as you’ve already been told by BustedKnuckles. If that latter, you need a manual showing the necessary process. See if your local library has one to loan. I borrow manuals form my local library all the time.


Starting from the beginning.

With the wheels still on the ground, loosen the axle nut first, then slightly loosen the lug nuts.

Jack up the car, support the front end with jack stands and remove the wheels.

Remove the axle nut.

Separate the tie rod, use a small pitman arm tool for this instead of a pickle fork. It fits perfectly and is cheap.

Then back the axle out of the hub.

Use a crow bar to pry the axle out of the transmission. Do it with a quick pop and without a lot of pressure. Done right, it should pop out easily.