How to pull the drive axle from the transmission

We’re working on a 98 Ford Escort ZX2, and we managed to get the CV joint off the wheel splines. Now we’re trying to get it off the transmission side, but we can’t manuever enough under the car to get the necessary leverage to get it off, or even really tell where we need to apply pressure. On all the videos we’ve seen there’s just a short blurb saying “remove it with a prybar” which we’ve been trying to do with no avail.

Do you have a Haynes Manual?
If not, it might be helpful to buy one or get one at the local library.
Register at and see if they have any diagramms online.

We do, but it’s not much help. It’s hard to see where the inner cv meets the transmission and how we could even use a prybar.

If this has a manual transmission, and if you’re trying to remove the driver side halfshaft, the passenger side halfshaft needs to come out first in order to push out drivers side halfshaft with this tool.


Thanks, but I should have specified we’re working on the passenger side right now. Drivers side seems OK

Then you need this tool along with a slide hammer.


Even with that tool you’ll still need to be able to get to the area between the inner joint housing & case. Do you have the thing off the ground on jack stands? Have you removed all possible splash shields and such?

Yeah but maybe not high enough to get a good enough whack. We’ll try raising it higher.

Keep it safe - get taller jack stands if you have to.