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How do i find the correct headlight switch?

This probably sounds DUMB, but I own a 1990 Chrysler Lebaron convertable. Where can I find the switch. Twice I’ve ordered online and gotten the wrong part!!! It’s a combination of directional signals, dash lights, & headlights. It is mounted in the dash in front of the steering wheel.

Have you tried your local auto parts store? How about a Chrysler dealer? Junk yard?

Most of the McParts stores can show a photo of the part. Would that help?

I have run into the situation a few times where there’s two different versions of a part for a particular car, but for whatever reason the aftermarket parts places only make one (usually because most of the model came with one version, or because one version of it was also used in many other cars). The problem is that the guy working at the parts counter (or if you’re buying online, you) doesn’t have any way of knowing that there’s two different versions if there’s no other version listed in the computer and he just sells you the part he’s got.

So I would suggest heading over the the Chrysler dealer. Even though they may have sold their last one years ago and even if they do have it it may be exorbidantly expensive, they will have accurate parts sheets for your car and should be able to tell you if there is indeed a different part only used on some LeBarons.

In addition to GreasyJack’s two different parts, I’ve run into situations where the databases the suppliers are using are just plain wrong. It’s probably not their fault. Somebody somewhere in the chain – OEM, remanufacturer, parts distributor made a typing error and everyone has copied it.

Since you know where the part is located, I think your best bet might be a junkyard. They’ve heard it all. They’ll probably have some idea how best to get you the part you need. If at all possible, walk in with the failed part in your hand.