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My turn signal

now when the turn signal works sometimes and then sometimes it doesnt and i have to bang on the dash to make it work is that all because of the switch itself is floating or what please help me understand this problem. Also sometimes even my hazards dont work is that all combined together

Replace the flasher with a new one or at least one you KNOW works.

Once you have a working flasher, you can trace the wiring from it to the switches and from there to the bulbs.

The fact you said you had to bang on the dash to make it work (sometimes) says there is either a worn out flasher or possible a bad ground or power connection somewhere.

now can you please tell me also do i need to remove my steering wheel to remove the turn signal switch on a 92 lebaron or no just the screws on the side that hold it together please help me understand and also i know the fuse is good because i have taken it out then put it back in and it works then 2 minutes later stops working.

Sorry, I can’t and won’t suggest you remove the steering wheel to attempt to fix this as if you do, the airbag must be disabled.

I certainly don’t want to see/hear of you being injured due to misinformation on my part.

I’m not sure if your vehicle’s turn signal (multi-function switch) can just be removed from the column that easy.

Perhaps one of our esteemed techs on the forum can help.