Need help finding parts for my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

have a 2005 crossfire. Chrysler does not make parts anymore. need switches for convertible top.

Too bad. What is your question?

Would like To find a placé where i can get crossfire parts. Top and truck switch for convertible

The internet is your friend here, Norm. A quick seach got me here;

Search for Crossfire clubs and forums may lead you to the parts you need or substitute parts. Good Luck

A lot of the mechanical parts for a Crossfire are froma Mercedes roadster but I don;t remember the model #.

I believe you’re thinking about the SLK230 and the Crossfire shared a lot of MB parts from it’s whole model line but the trim parts may be more of a problem, especially because the Crossfire was actually assembled by Karmann, a specialty assembler no longer in business.

If the switch can’t be repaired, the “good news” is that because of it’s relatively low resale value, it seems like a fair number of low mileage Crossfires are being “totaled” for minor damage so a Scrap Yard may be your best bet.

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