How can I identify which wire should hook to my headlight switch in my Mazda Protoge (91)?

he headlight switch in my dash is not connected to anything (I noticed this after the headlights quit working!), so I took the dash panel off in an attempt to find the plug. The only plug I could find is the one that was hooked to the dashlight-dimmer, it’s visible in the bottom right of the photo. Where would I look to find out which wires might be headlight related? They’re obviously colour coded, is there a legend somewhere?

If the headlights were working, then quit, and there’s nothing hooked to the headlight switch, it stands to reason that the connector is down in the dash somewhere. I can’t tell much from the spaghetti in your photo. You might look for a wiring diagram or service manual for your car. This would be the best way to decipher the wiring scheme if you need to. Googling it or searching on ebay might be a quick way to find a downloadable service manual for this. Another resource might be to go to a junkyard and look at how it’s connected on a similar car there, if you can find one. It would also be a good place to get another headlight switch for cheap if you end up needing one.

I did look… and look for the connector. It should be there… It looks like someone’s tampered fairly heavily with the wiring, so it’s tough to follow. I’ve looked at the wiring diagram, near as I can tell, this should be the relevant bit:

But none of the info there even seems helpful…
A junkyard car is a good idea. Nearest junkyard is about 2 hours from here… might try to get there next week.