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My turn signal

i am wondering if when i start the car sometimes my turn signals work and others it doesnt is that a problem that is in the wiring and can that be fixed cause i know that the switch itself is floating cause when it is off the right turn signal blinks and to stop that i just have to push it towrds the door to turn it off.

You’ve answered your own question. The switch is bad. It can be replaced, but unless you have a seperate turn signal controller mounted on teh steering column, it may require removal of the airbag (if you have one…you didn’t give us the year) and if so the job is best left to a pro.

my car is a 92 chrysler lebaron and if it works sometimes and others it doesnt then whats causing that?

I assume you’re still referring to the turn signals.
Your “floating” switch is causing that.

also i noticed last night that if my turn signals dont work then nither does my hazard is that all tied together please let me know.