How do i change gu cv

Hi guys, new to this forum and 4wding. My cv’s are making a clicking sound whilist turning and driving.I assume there stuffed and have already bought new ones to put in. I have limited mechanical knowledge, but am willing to have a go, worse case i stuff it up, ill get a mechanic to fix it. Im after a detailed list of tools and steps on how to replace them, if any one can help that would be great!!! Oh and its on my family wagon, 4.2 diesel, 36 pedes, lockers etc



If you’re after a detailed list of tools and steps, invest in a repair manual.
I don’t know what you “already bought”, heck, I don’t even know what kind of vehicle this is. If I knew the year, make, and model, at least I’d know what we’re discussing. If it’s’ a regular FWD, you’ll be replacing the entire half-shaft. That can get nasty for someone with limited mechanical knowledge. You may want to reconsider after you read the procedure in your new repair manual. Don’t touch a single bolt until you do.

get a manual

This OP has asked how to get more power out of an unknown AUDI, how to sell unknown parts from a KIA something and now wants to repair CV joints on who knows what. I vote for just ignoring the posts from mattmro444 because I think they are fictitious.

I am beginning to have the same thoughts as Volvo V70.

I realize that communication can be difficult for somebody who is obviously not a native speaker of English, but the variety of cars that this person has already posted questions about w/in just a few days makes me a bit suspicious of his intent.

Matt, would you care to respond?
I too am now wondering.