You guys are dipsticks (again!)


OK guys - you did it again! You sent a VW Mk. 4 platform ('03 Golf in this case) owner looking for an automatic transmission dipstick that DOES NOT EXSIST.

If I had the patience to search one month at a time I’d link back to my post on the old site (username NYTDI) where I lashed you w/a wet dipstick for sending a Jetta owner on the same wild goose chase. One month at a time search is way too tedious.

Geeeze guys, take a walk down the street of your fair city to the Bentley Publishing headquarters, maybe they’ll let you have a seat in their library to do a little reading. If your lucky maybe they’ll be shooting pics. in the garage for their latest manuals and you could watch and learn. Until then maybe you shouldn’t take VW/Audi questions.

If you want to put the fella w/the Golf in touch w/me I may be able to assist. My '99.5 Golf TDI (automatic trans.) just ticked over 252k mi. on the original drivetrain. The only non-routine maintenance item replaced on the original powertrain is one turbo.