Gmc front end nightmare

Hey guys! Love your show. Never thought I would actually write but here goes. I have had the opportunity(?) to own 2 gmc vans. The first one took a dump after 250000 miles but not until I spent 800 on having the ball joints, tie rods, idler arm and pittman arm replaced. Now that I have bought another one at 185000 miles these same components are worn out. I have successfully replaced the inner and outer tie rod ends myself and am confident in changing the idler arm. The upper ball joints dont seem too difficult and the lower ones dont either. What has me frustrated is the location of the pittman arm. How do I get it off with all the other stuff general moters has convieniently placed in the way?

The brothers don’t ever come here. Questions are answered by people like you and me with varying levels of competence. Best bet would be to check the procedure in the factory manual or another reliable manual.

The pitman arm is under the steering sector. Remove the stuff in the way, put a puller on the pitman arm and pull it off. If you want to replace the pitman seals, reach up and pull out the snap ring. Then start the engine and crank the steering wheel back and forth violently. The power steering pressure is usually enough to blow out the old seals. Oh! Make sure you have a catch pan under the steering sector.


Hey, thanks for the reply. Would those seals be the reason for the fluid leak i have? I realize without a visual exam it’s hard to tell but you responded with such honest clarity (far more than a Chiltons manual-they say to “using a suitable puller, remove the nut and pull the arm from the center link”) No mention of removing all the junk in the way! Thanks pal, have a great night FGVO