2005 Volkswagon Golf tdi CV joints

I’ve been told that with 57,000 miles it looks like my CV joints may be bad. The mechanic said the design of the joint is bad. Is there any more information on this? Anyone with similar problems? He said it could cost upwards of $1000 - the signs are a vibration at around 45mph esp when accelerating. And wierd sort of clanking tin can noise when turning. I got new tires and it didn’t help.

Does sound like the joints. Did the boots get torn?

Still $1000 to do a pair of axles sounds excessive. Get a second opinion, and see if you can find a VW specialty shop.

$1000 is insane. Prices will varry with location, but if they just need new boots, labor plus ~$75 for both. If they need new axles (joints are already bad), ~$500 for both.

Do you drive on dirt roads much? That seems like very early failure otherwise.

Edmunds says this car has a 5 year 60,000 mile power train warranty. Call VW and tell them to pay for the repair.

Okay I’ll start there. Thanks

Well - there is a dirt road that I occasionally have to drive down. It’s pretty rough - should I just park the car and hike in the future?

I don’t know what the boots are. The opinion I got was from the VW specialty shop. The first opinion was new tires and a front end alignment from the first VW specialty shop. That shop wanted to charge me $100 for an oil change. I did get new tires and took it to get aligned - that’s when I was told they couldn’t align it. It was something else.

I figured out what the boots are and they are intact.