Just replaced left & right axles, boots, and Drive shaft/cv joint

Hi Car Talk, ok I recently (recently as in today) had to replace my drive shaft and both of my front axles. As soon as the job was done, I noticed at speeds of 65-70+ I have vibration/shaking. Also, the drive shaft is making a small whispering/squeaking noise when I am stopping/going very slowly. Does anyone know what can be done to fix these two problems that I am assuming are related to the repairs I just had (I didn’t have either of them before). Adjusting joints? etc? any ideas would be helpful. Thank you!

You have to take it back to where the work was done, describe what is going on and have them drive it.

These days most CV axles are rebuilt - and may of those poorly. I once had to return to a shop 4 times - yes that’s 4 times - before I got a set of axles that were good. (I do my own now).

Then there can be other things creating the noise/vibration. Don’t wait. Just get it back in now.

I’m in agreement this car needs to be taken back for a reexamination.

One are of concern especially might be the vibration or shaking. This could be due to a halfshaft or driveshaft problem (bad enough on its own) or it could be related to someone leaving a front suspension bolt loose. (Bad news if it falls out.)

Over the years I’ve replaced countless CV axles with no problems but over the last few years I ran into a few problems with reman units such as cigroller mentions.
In one case, the replacement axles were re-ordered 3 times (the original remans failed within a month) and the first 2 re-orders of the shafts revealed those shafts to be bad right out of the box before I even left the parts store with them.

Anytime I get a halfshaft now it gets a careful lookover right on the parts counter.