CV Joint axle


1996 toyota corolla. I pulled of the cv joint and axle but half of it is still in the car

they said all you need is a screw driver to pop it of, But I have been trying all dam day long, and the worst part is its my girlfriends car, I wanted to be a man and do it for her, now im fugked

Help how do I get the rest of it off without pulling the car off the jacks.


Do you have a service manual for the thing? If not, they have some up on the Autozone website, though you should probably pick on up if she’s going to let you keep working on the thing. I believe the manual calls for using a slide hammer, but if you can get enough clearance a long pry bar will work, although you want to be very sure not the damage the oil seal on the transmission. Also, have you considered that you are going to have to take the ball joint apart, which also requires a special tool?

Good Luck!


Which half do you have pulled? The half that slides into the transmission or the half that slides into your wheel hub?


I hate to say this, but I would have it towed to the nearest service station and repaired there. Replacing a CV joint is not nearly as easy as the book seems to indicate. With the right equipment and experience it goes fairly quickly. I went through the same thing and finally ended up at a repair shop. They just laughed at the diagrams showing how easy it was to do this work. It doesn’t cost that much and you want it done right.


Yeah, machismo aside, I would agree-- although there’s probably no reason why the OP can’t put it back together and drive it in.

Replacing a CV axle on a front-drive car only usually books for about an hour or so, so it’s not a costly repair, but if you don’t have the special tools it’ll usually take even a skilled shade-tree mechanic many hours to do. It’s one for the professionals in my book.