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How difficult is it to install power steering on a 1986 toyota truck?

Looking to install power steering into my 1986 Toyota Pickup. How difficult is this? Is it a common thing to do? Expensive?


I expect it is both difficult and expensive. But probably doable. For something like this I’d look through back issues of magazines like “Classic Trucks”, “Toyota 4WD”, etc. Search the Hot Rod magazine archives too.

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dont know how many motors there are to choose from in your truck that year. 4cyl and 6 cyl? do both come with p/s or not ? if p/s was offered with your motor than you can probably find a parts truck to swap over the bits or maybe even find all new replacement parts.

You want to install power steering on a 32 year old truck that never had it. There appear to be pumps, hoses and rebuilt steering boxes available for this from RockAuto - Great!

But those parts don’t come with brackets or pulleys to install them. Unless you can find these in a wrecking yard, or on Ebay you can’t proceed. High volume wrecking yards don’t keep wrecks around past about 10 years. You need to search the long-term or U-Pull-It yards and THEY aren’t so active on the internet so you’ll need to appear in person and remove the parts yourself. Or you’ll need to fabricate or adapt existing parts.

It can be done, but it isn’t going to be easy.

How difficult ? Probably not a driveway project because these are heavy hard to handle parts.
Common ? Most likely not a common thing to do
Expensive ? Probably a lot more than this vehicle is worth .