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Power steering pump in 99 Windstar

I need a new power steering pump in my 99 Windstar (3.8). I’ve done some minor maintenance on it myself, such as replacing hoses, the serpentine belt, and, recently, the alternator. I’m trying to decide whether or not to attempt to replace the steering pump myself or have a mechanic do it. Web searches are inconclusive – some say it’s easy, others say don’t try it. Any thoughts?

I’ve never done this on a Windstar. However, as someone often asking himself the same question I can just tell you what I do. I have repair manuals for each of my cars & I look at the procedure, eyeball it all, walk my way through it in my head (special attention to special tools!) and then decide whether I want to deal with the hassle or not.

If you’ve already done all of the stuff mentioned maybe you have a repair manual - if not, then you actually do want one. Basic Haynes/Chilton’s (and these are very basic) are $20 or so at an auto parts store.

Its likely that your only bad issues will be access space and, connected to that, getting the crazy fittings undone.

You will need a special puller to remove and install the pulley. That can probably be got at the parts store. It’s pretty straightforward, just remember to put the nylon washer on the pressure fitting.

Thanks both for the advice. I will get the puller – the parts store will rent it at $3.50/hr.