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Another question about my 1969 chevy c10

Another thing me and my dad are trying to do is put in a power steering box and pump and I was wondering if anybody has any experience with doing this? The engine we have is a straight V6 so if anyone has experience in doing this or could help me out, it would be much appreciated.

If you can find all the pieces the installation is somewhat cut and dry. The intermediate shaft, pump mounting brackets and pulley come to mind as likely difficult pieces to locate.

We have someone we’re buying a power steering box and pump from where and the mounting brackets and we’ll have all of the pieces we need but I’m wondering if anybody has any experience with mounting it in and possibly where at and what would be a good place to mount it at? We’re trying to put the alternator up higher and mounting the pump where the alternator was.

thats a new one a strait v6 its either a v-6 or a strait 6 not both. the stock location is where i would bolt it on the drivers side by the steering box

It’s a straight 6 not a V6, sorry about that confusion. My dad was saying the straight 6’s weren’t made to have power steering so I don’t think it has a stock location on it to mount it, so we need to rig something to make it work.

Power steering was available on many models with that engine and the mounting brackets should be out there somewhere. And if your pitman arm’s sweep is from left to right the power steering gear should be available that bolts up directly where the manual gear is removed. When retrofitting a P/S system a shorter intermediate shaft is needed and that can be a pain. And finding a pressure hose that will fit will require a lot of searching by an old and experienced parts counter man.