'79 f100 power steering

can power steering be bolted to a 1979 ford f 100 6cyl that doesn’t have it?

Yes but you will have to find the parts including all brackets and pullies. Not an easy task, but once you have it all it’s bolt on. I suggest looking in local junk yards and buying everything off one truck.

Not so sure this is easy bolt on. You may have to find a new steering gear box, and that might not be so easy to change out. Toughest aspect might be getting the parts. Most '79s have be crushed by now. Getting the parts 20 years ago would have been easy.

The steering gear, pump and pressure hose are available for about $200 plus core charges from all the McParts stores. The pulleys and brackets might be difficult to locate as mentioned above but any Ford truck with the4.9l engine and power steering should have the proper pieces.

… using V-belts!

The 300 inch Ford Truck was made for decades…The parts are out there…By '79, I think Ford had switched to “integral” power steering, meaning you change the steering box to the power unit… Hopefully, the drag-link is the same power or manual…This will not be a 20 minute job…