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hi i just brought a renault clio 1988 1.9 and it doesnt have power steering is there a way to add this ?

You would be better-off consulting a Renault-specific board, as this board is based in the US–where Renaults have not been marketed for several decades. As a result, few people on this board would be familiar with your car.

That being said, if power steering was an option for this car when it was new, then a mechanic could adapt your car to PS. As the old saying goes–anything is possible, given enough money. However, whether a 22 year old car is worth that type of expense is…questionable.

No. It would cost more than the car is worth. Live with it the way it is.

Why add it? In a few months, the muscles in your arms will adjust and you won’t even miss power steering.

Next time you consider buying a car, think of things like this before you buy it.