New Video About Texting

There’s a great new video out of the UK dealing with texting & driving. I think it should be shown to all teens! See it here:


I could see my driver’s ed teacher from high school using something like this in class. He was the county coroner for a number of years before he started teaching driver’s ed, so needless to say he is very passionate about being safe behind the wheel. He used to deal with this kind of stuff on a daily basis.

I suppose. Not that having to watch “Mechanized Death” kept me from driving like an idiot.

I saw this a couple of weeks ago. My first thought was how many people would say “Oh, well I’m a good enough driver. This doesn’t apply to me.” I hope that isn’t the case. If you look at the comments it seems this hit home with a lot of people, so maybe it will be effective.

Interesting. Here is the link to a video of how they did the special effects for it.

A kinder, gentler video that still sends a message about wearing your seatbelt.

I actually think it would have more effect on parents than teens. They are too “invincible” at that age. But it may influence the parents to tighten up restrictions on texting.

Maybe ti will work. Several people I know are convinced they’re good drivers even while talking on a cell phone. They all drive SUVs, too.


New video, aimed at Americans this time, with a hint of reality involved

Gotta love how quickly videos can become viral :smiley:

Wow. That is an exceedingly good video about getting the seatbelt message across.

“You either learn this way, or you learn the hard way” I was told at 15 years old.

In your face.
Balls to the wall.
Eye popping.
graphic, factual, no holds barred, is how I learned best too.

The Ohio state police and their accident scene photographers gave an un-censored seminar in 1971 to learning drivers and everyone else you wanted to bring.
No air bags.
Few seat belts in use.
No ‘politically correct’ mindset in presenting this to teens.
Some poster sized enlargements.
Hundreds of 8x10s to pass around.
NONE staged for effect.

When we left the seminar it felt like our mother had just died in one of the pictures.
We could barely even put the car in gear without shaking fear.

It worked.