Horn and Airbag

I had a major oil leak in a 2002 Tracker. I had an oil gasket, valve cover gasket and camshaft position sensor replaced.After I left the garage I noticed my horn was no longer working and my airbag was disengaged. I reported this to the garage immediately. I went in yesterday for a follow up oil change and was told this was probably due to a worn clock spring and it was just circumstantial that everything quit working after I brought it in and they would research further on my next visit in a couple of weeks.I believe something was disengaged while the car was being worked on. Any thoughts?

It does sound like a bad clock spring, which is in the steering wheel. Seeing as though they had no reason to be working in that area, my vote lies with coincidence.

If the clock spring turns out to be okay, however, then it is probably a wiring issue and THAT they may have caused, depending on where said “issue” is.

I agree, it does sound like a broken clock spring. And depending on how the cruise control is wired, it might not be working either.

Two weeks is quite a while to drive around with no working air bags.

I imagine your insurance company may decide to turn their noses up if you get into a collision where the air bags should have deployed and didn’t.

Check the fuses and relays related to both the horn and air bags.