Clock spring, air bag light

My clock spring was damaged when my rack and pinion failed and steering wheel spun way too much. Replaced the clock spring, it fixed the horn and cruise control but air bag light is still on. Mechanic said he tried to reset the light but doesn’t work and it is weird. Can it be partially faulty clock spring or something else?

Get another mechanic, clearing the code does not fix anything. Air bags should be left to competent professional mechanics.


I had a guess so I took apart the air bag sensor. He didnt put these security clip things in I just put them in boom problem solved. Now I am questioning my mechanic’s skills lol. I guess everybody makes mistakes though? Let me know :slight_smile:


I suspect that you removed the drivers airbag (not the sensor) and found the connector locking clip was not inserted. The locking clip separates the shorting tab from the airbag pins. The purpose of the shorting tab is to protect the airbag from static electricity during shipping.

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Yeah I meant airbag itself not sensor my bad.