2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 V6

Does anyone know if there is a interchangeable clock spring with this vehicle. Son is in college and has to get back. Terrible time trying to find one and not sure that is the problem.

What makes him feel the clock spring requires replacement?


More than likely, you could use the clock spring from a Buick LaCrosse, a Chevy Impala, or a Chevy Monte Carlo of the same model year. I can’t guarantee it, but the likelihood is…very high.

There’s no reason he can’t just drive the car back to school the way it is. The airbag won’t blow up on him.

The car inspection is out. We have been attempting to resolve an issue with the vehicle. When he is driving the horn and light go on and off. We have deactived the after market security system. Horn is working but goes off while driving without being touched.

The vehicle doesn’t need a clock spring. It needs a multifunction switch.


If you click thru the images, on the side view of the switch you’ll see a small metal button sticking out. This button is pushed by a ring in the steering wheel which causes the horn to function.

If the horn and lights go on and off on their own, it’s the multifunction switch


Look up the part on line and see if it is used by other cars. Try a parts store and eBay.

Tester, if the car were in its original airing configuration I’d agree, but it’s had an aftermarket security system installed. Those are notorious for causing restless ghosts.

If a company installed the aftermarket system, you may want to have them do an uninstall and return the wiring to its original circuitry. If the aftermarket system was installed by yourself or your son, you’ll need to work backwards, again with the goal of getting the circuitry back to its original configuration. Simply deactivating the system is not the same as correcting the wiring.

If the system was installed when your son bought the car, you may want to take it to a shop that specializes in automotive electrical systems. They’ll have the knowledge and access to the technical data (schematics and wiring diagrams) necessary to correct the problem.

@“the same mountainbike”

Do you know how many of these cheap GM multifunction switches I’ve replaced because of erratic horn operation? Among other known problems with these switches?

My advise is always based on what I’ve seen and experienced in the past.


I’m not challenging your expertise, only offering a different perspective. These aftermarket systems cause too many problems to dismiss it as a possible cause.

Boneyards have parts cross-reference databases. A boneyard cold answer that question.

There’s a cross-application website that others have mentioned here too, but I can never remember what it is.

Thank you so much to both of you. The car was purchased with the after market system which we notably had a problem upon sale. They said they would resolve it. To the best of our knowledge they only disconnected something. My son has pulled the fuse to the horn so he can drive the vehicle. The security system on the onset would randomly go off and on during the day and night on its own. I truly appreciate your interaction on the thread. You both have given us a few ideas to look at. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

Before you chase a different perspective, look at a common problem.


Please Explain further…

Can the vehicle be driven?


If your son is anything like our youngest…rig the car so the lights flash too while he’s driving.

Flashing lights and horn blowing will warn others that he’s coming


He’s suggesting looking at the multifunction switch first. I have absolutely no argument with that. My only suggestion would be to be sure you use a repair manual to be sure you properly disable the airbag before going into the steering column.

Airbag is already removed. We then pulled the steering wheel to get to the clock spring thinking that was the issue, The clock spring has been removed. The one we ordered on ebay does not properly fit. (As a means for him to save A LOT of money). When we looked up a clock spring for this vehicle on Advanced Auto it looks like nothing like he had… We are trying to trouble shoot with limited knowledge at this point if the clock spring is truly the issue.

last night we did look for a multifunction switch and were unable to find one that firmly stated it fit that exact vehicle.

Why not order the one from Advanced and check it against the old one. Of it fits up, it may just be an updated version. If it really is different you just don’t accept it.

I have also seen some sites with a generic photo for some parts.