Air bags

horn won’t blow and air bag light on

Well, you need to have the codes read in order to know exactly what to focus on, but I am going to guess that you need to have the clock spring in the steering wheel hub replaced. Auto Zone can read the codes free of charge.

The fact that the air bag light is on is an indication that the air bag(s) are currently inoperative. The absence of both air bags and a horn is a safety issue, so I would suggest that you have this attended to a.s.a.p.

There may not be any codes, at least none that AutoZone can read. But I agree that a broken clockspring (inside the steering column) could account for both issues. First check your fuses.

take car to shop

check fuse for horn but don’t mess with airbags

Did you have a question or are you just bragging?

These posts still amaze me. The OP is too lazy to even type in a question let alone provide any details. Why encourage such laziness and inconsiderate behavior? Maybe it was someone’s cat walking across the keyboard while they were away…Nah, cats have more sense than that.

I agree with your reaction to the brevity of the post, but sometimes you have to give a guy a break. Some folks can do no better with words. At least the intent is clear enough. Let it get through.

Although this direction is leading us off-topic, you ought to see the difference between an honest appeal for advice and the jerk who needs to be run away. A few weeks ago, some clod calling himself wolkenlafer mentioned only that his car’s clock was slow; no other details. (See here: ) When puzzled responders did not give him the reply he sought he raged at everyone. If he ever shows up again I will be eager to chase him off.

But today’s poster, although short of words, has got the message across and so should get the benefit of the doubt, no scolding.

The intent is clear? Really? Can you say if this person is looking to do the repair themselves or are just trying to understand what to expect when they take it to a mechanic? I can’t and my answer would vary greatly depending on the answer to that question. Heck, you don’t even know what vehicle they’re referring to.

If you take the first post in either thread, they look similar. I think the jury is still out on this one…

And my admonishment wasn’t really directed at this poster because, frankly, I figured that it was a lost cause based on prior experience here with these type of posts.