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Honda unveils the 2018 Accord

It looks essentially like an evolutionary updating of the Accord styling themes that we have seen over the last few years, but I think that they tried to emulate Audi’s design in this pleasant-looking new model.

On a negative note, it appears that they have killed the V-6, and on a VERY negative note, it looks like Honda is locked-into the ugliest alloy wheel designs in the industry–as they have been for several years.

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I’m going to miss that V6. I had a 2003 and a 2006 and loved both. In 2015 it was my Top Pick of the Year at a place I write for. I do also love the new 1.5-liter turbo. Maybe the new 2.0-liter turbo will be just as good? I hope so.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . . .

I happen to like the alloy wheels :smiley:

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Beauty truly is totally in the eye of the beholder. I too like the wheels.

The continuous curve at the bottom of the windows and the styling of the rear end look like they took some clues from the Mercedes “S” class. But overall, I think the car looks very bland, very plain. That may be what Honda was aiming for, something that would have nothing about its styling that could repel suburban housewives. But boring isn’t to my personal liking.

I’m sure they’ll sell a ton of them.

Another guy who likes the wheels here too… And I’m not really a fan of the rest of the car. The nose looks weird, as most Honda noses do now, and the rear looks kinda slapped together. What’s with the trend of tail lights that look like they belong to another car and were bolted on?

I’m also going to miss the V6. I love the one in my TL. Powerful enough to be fun without being stupid, it’s smooth, has a good note, and good low end torque which Hondas are have not generally been known for historically. Great engine, and it’s sad to see it go away. Although you can still get it in the TLX, for now anyway.

Finally, Honda adding some actual styling to the car. I like it.

I like the wheels, too.

And I am OK with a turbo 2 liter.

Cool! A new Accord?

Was there an old Accord?

On a very, very negative note…
… from where I sit I would never consider buying a car from a company that has such poor dealer support that I’d have to drive for almost 2-1/2 hours to arrive at the nearest dealer. What if I got there and didn’t like that dealer? Ha, ha, ha… :grin:

I’ve owned many Honda motorcycles, but I’d never consider a car from a company with a dealer network that’s a joke! :wink:


One big negative, you cannot buy one without a turbo.

The tires also look to be very low profile, another big negative.

Those wagon train wheels we see on most new cars these days have plagued the rest of us in the motoring public far too long … lol … every 30 years seem to produce better looking cars, early 1960’s, early 1990’s, so the early 2020’s hopefully the wheel appearance will be rectified.

The grill is hideous imhop, reminds me of how much I hated the grills in the dodge trucks that bring back recollections from yellow submarine

For me the wheels are fine if they were for the coupe (?V6!) :slight_smile:

I am sure it will sell well here in CA. Seems like in the next few years you would not be able to buy a car without turbo.

Driving a Turbo Veloster now for 8K miles, I am getting used to the sweet spot but if I could afford a V6,I will take it over a turbo 4 any day.

Ther will be a lot of Honda dealers near you when you move to Florida.

I’m still actively working on that! I have to get away before one more winter. You’re correct! There’ll be lots of everything when I move. I’d like to be able to ride my bicycle to a Publix, too. :slight_smile:

The turbo Veloster isn’t really a fair judge of what turbo 4s can be like. Adding the turbo only brought the Veloster into “acceptable” acceleration, and that’s from a guy with a NA Veloster in his garage.

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No more coupe.

I know, hence the smiley face.

As far as @shadowfax 's comment, I partially agree but then if you disable the turbo on any of these cars I bet the acceleration would be sub-par.

I came from a 4 cylinder Camry to this Veloster Turbo and I still think the Camry had decent power and I did not see the need for a V6 on that car. BUT, if you wanted a fun car to push once in a while on the weekends, the V6 Accord esp in coupe would be one affordable car.

At the end, seems like we have to streamline our taste a little bit with the rest of the world. A Corolla is considered a good size family car in Europe. My friend rented a “regular” car in a recent trip, they gave him a small sedan (with automatic since he does not drive stick) and he said he was struggling with the acceleration on the thing. It is just a matter of what you are used to.

Looks like most other cars in that class. Best feature is the a real knob for tuning radio stations.

Nice store. I like Publix. When I worked projects in Florida, I always went to Publix if one was available.

They consistently score very highly (#2 or #3, IIRC) in the consumer surveys done by CR. I am very fortunate to have a regional chain in my area (Wegmans) that consistently scores #1 in that same consumer satisfaction survey.

And, to keep this automotive in nature, I can drive there in ~25 minutes. No, it is not the closest supermarket, so I only go there about every 10 days, but in addition to being a very good store, they police their parking lot so well that there are never any errant shopping carts to do damage to customers’ cars.

We also have Wegmans, and Whole Foods, Safeway, Giant (Royal Ahold), Wise, H Mart, Food Lion (Royal Ahold again), Walmart, Target, and Lotte. Our huge Korean population got us the H Mart and Lotte Plaza (2 actually within 2 miles of each other). There are a few others I didn’t mention, and all are within 15 minutes of the house. I’m sure many of you have Royal Ahold stores nearby. I shopped at one in Danbury, CT when working on a project a few years back. They even accepted my discount card. I forget the store name, but I’m sure they are big in New England.