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Recommend my next car please?

Hi! New user here, first post! I’m currently in a 2016 white Honda Accord EX 4-cyl with CVT. I originally got the car because of its excellent MPG and reliability, but my job situation has changed somewhat and I’m considering a different car. Here are the salient points:

  • I want a car that is more fun to drive than my Accord.
  • I want a car that is better looking than my Accord (white + no spoiler = plain vanilla).
  • I’m 6’2", 230lbs, so I’m a big guy.
  • I drive 30k miles per year, so comfort in the car is very important. So is reliability.
  • Ability to comfortably carry 4 passengers is required to maintain company car allowance (so no pony car).
  • MPG not critical as company pays fuel allowance.
  • Max price $45k.
  • Car can be new or slightly used (<30k miles).
  • Tech features are important.
  • Transmission can be manual or auto.
  • AWD not necessary in my geography.
  • No towing.
  • No off-roading.

Thus far I’m aware of the following choices:

  • Mazda6
  • new 2018 Camry XSE with V6
  • maybe new 2018 Accord with turbo 4-cyl and 10-spd transmission (not sure when available)
  • Kia Stinger (Dec’17 maybe?)

Am I missing any good choices? What do you think? And thanks for any help you can provide!

  1. Yes, you are missing good choices 2. What I think has little chance of matching yours 3. Go to every manufacture web site you can think of and use the build your own feature and you will see 360 degree views in exterior and interior, list of standard equipment and options plus the prices. That will give you more info than could possibly be listed here because we all have biased opinions.

I’d recommend what I always do… stop at the local bookstore, get a copy of Consumer Reports New Car Preview, peruse the options and their comparative reliability ratings and attributes, circle the ones you like, and go for some test drives.

And since this is a company car, remember to consider your clients’ impressions. Years ago my brother was purchasing a pickup for his excavating company and made the point that in his area, which was largely a “buy American” contingent, he couldn’t buy anything not from one of the (then) “big three”. If he drove up to a site in a foreign pickup he’d automatically be excluded as a possible subcontractor. See my point?

IMHO nobody can pick out anyone else’s car successfully. It’s a personal choice that only you can make.

Dodge Charger?

Yes,The 20016-17 Dodge Charger is a great car. It is an extremely confortable,smooth car to drive.It has a great choice of engine and trims. Steering response is amazing for a large sedan. This car share 90% of its mechanical and engineering with the Mecedes E Class so you know it will last.

Here’s the part I don’t understand . . .

Your 2016 Accord is a very reliable car, and is going to be a tough act to follow

It’s a mid-sized car which should comfortably seat 4 normal sized adults, so I don’t see any shortcomings there

Any Accord will be “more fun to drive” than a comparable Camry, so cross that one off your list. You’ll probably be better served with the Mazda6

A heads up . . . any first year of a major redesign will have some bugs that aren’t worked out, more so than if you can wait another model year or two. It’s just the way things work out.

He wants a larger car.

Huh . . . ?

he’s already got an Accord, and he’s considering another Accord . . .

Seems maybe he wants a faster and more powerful midsized car

Ford Raptor :slight_smile:

The '18 Camry has been getting some great reviews from the media so far, you’d have to compare one with the accord but particularly in the se or xse is a huge improvement over the previous generations and can be entertaining to drive but also comfortable.

Haven’t read as much about the next Honda Accord other than the engine changes. The Mazda 6 is a very good choice that gets overlooked in favor of the Accord/Camry.

Do you drive customers around? If so, you already have one of the largest. Interiors in the class. You won’t find anything larger unless you get a larger car, like the Avalon or Impala. Drive them both and see if either appeals to you. The Impala comes with either a 4-cyl or V6. Drive the V6.

Another alternative is to keep the Accord for work and buy a second car for fun. You will lose a lot of money selling such a new car and it seems right for high mileage driving. Let us know if you would consider this option.

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First, thanks to everyone for your thoughts.

I had a 2012 Dodge Charger for 4 years, and loved it, until the left cylinder head failed (at 94k miles) during 70mph interstate driving. This was a known problem in the V6 Pentastar engine and was a warranty repair, but it spooked me from Fiat/Chrysler products. I had bought the car new and was religious about scheduled maintenance, but it was still the first car to leave me stranded. Could I go back? Maybe.

I want a car that is more fun to drive and better looking (subjective I know) than the white Accord I’m driving now, but still be reasonably practical for high mileage driving. I’m happy with interior size in the Accord. I do drive customers around and I understand foreign vs domestic and how that is perceived by customers. And I do have the Consumer Reports car buying guide. ; )

My favorite large sedan is the Impala Premium. The seating is comfortable, it is quiet, and has good amenities. The MSRP is about $40,000 with the usual options. It compares favorably to the Avalon. I found the seats more comfortable in the Impala. If you want something sportier, look at the A4 or 328i, but they are smaller and will cost more. As you may know since you read CR, their favorite large sedan is the Impala, too. If you like the look, test drive it and see if you like it. A 2014 MB E350 sedan with less than 30,000 miles will be in your price range, and is reliable transportation.

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It seems that OP is looking for a brand new vehicle

If he’s already got a 2 year old Accord, and is looking to move on, I don’t see why he would be interested in a 3 year old car

Just my take on the situation

go to the largest shopping center in your area. Then walk around the parking lot and look at the cars you think you like. Make a list and then go to the manufacturers website to build your own car.

OP said a slightly used car is OK in his first post.

I never buy new cars because of depreciation.I usually wait on the second and third year

The problem with that, in my opinion, is two fold. First, why did the previous owner get rid of the car so quickly? Perhaps some subtle and persistent problem. And second, how well was the car maintained those 2-3 years? Good possibility there was no maintenance at all, which means there will be problems.

For me, it’s not worth the uncertainty to save a few thousand dollars.

Last year, we bought a 2 year old Honda Civic for my mom

Absolutely no problems, whatsoever, and the price was right

It was an off-lease vehicle

Not every 2 year old vehicle is back on the dealer’s lot, because it had massive problems.

I never said every used car had problems. but it’s a chance you take.