Which car to buy?

I’m currently looking at two Hondas…both are 2007 Accord EX coupes. One has the 3.0 liter V6 engine (6 spd manual) and 14,000 miles, and costs about $16,000. The other is the 2.4 liter (5 spd manual), has 42,000 miles, and costs $14,000. I’m leaning toward the one with lower mileage, even though it’s probably “more car” than I need and won’t get as good gas mileage…primarily because of the lower mileage. (It’s also BEAUTIFUL, with a great sound system and just about every extra imaginable.) Both both cars are like new, drive beautifully, and have leather interior. The 4 cylinder drives much like my old Honda, very comfortable but not nearly the pep as the 6 cylinder. Not that I NEED the pep necessarily. I put money down on the 6 cylinder and will finish everything up tomorrow or the next day…but I could till switch to the 4 cylinder (if it hasn’t been sold). Any suggestions?

Have you checked if there’s much difference in insurance cost?

While the 4 is the ‘logical’ choice, I gotta say I’d go for the 6 - smoother, faster, more fun. But the $$ will be a bit more, the mpgs a bit less.

Thanks for your reply. I did check on insurance rates…the difference is negligible, maybe $2.00 per month. My heart is leaning toward the 6, too. The other one does have basically two years worth of miles more than the 6, too (i.e., almost 30,000 more miles). So theoretically I could drive the 6 for an additional 2 years…right? (I drive my cars until they won’t go anymore, so am planning on this lasting me a good long while. It’s basically replacing a 1991 Honda with 200,000 miles on it, that I’ve let my son have.)

If you’re willing to cough up $16K for an Accord, I’d continue the search for a newer 4cyl. I know the 6 is intoxicating, but long term economy of the 4 cyl and newer car 08 or 09 in LX trim is worth addition time.

If the lower mileage V-6 is the one you prefer, then that is the one to buy. You are the one that has to live with the purchase. The higher mileage 4 cylinder Honda will need a timing belt change sooner–there is $800 of that $2000 difference.

April, May, June, July, . . . And Then These Cars Will Be 4 Model Years Old ! Do You Get Any Factory Warranty ? Do The Cars Come With Documented Maintenance Histories ?

That’s a ton of money for a 4 year-old car. Doesn’t the manual transmission make the used cars less valuable and more difficult to sell ?

Why are they being sold ? Are they being sold by a dealer ? Have they ever had accident damage repaired ?

Sounds like you’re very anxious to buy something. " Both both cars are like new, drive beautifully, and have leather interior. " I’ve got cars older than those that fit that description.

At that price, I’d be tempted to look at a little newer car with some warranty on it.

Good luck


Well, both are priced WELL under Kelly blue book prices (not the be all and end all, I know), and comparable cars at Honda dealers are several thousand more. These were both leased vehicles and the CarFax reports seem to show routine maintenance at Honda dealers. One was in an accident, repaired at the Honda dealer (per CarFax). I did have them checked out independently and they are both fine. I know that I can get a newer car for the same money…in fact, could get a BRAND NEW car for that. But not a newer Honda Accord…and it’s Honda I want! And I want one with a manual transmission…and those are a little harder to find. I’m ready to buy…don’t know about “anxious to buy”! :>) Have been shopping for several weeks and have it narrowed down to these options!
Thanks for your comments!

Ahhh…good point about the timing belt. The difference in mileage is a major consideration for me. I got my last Honda at 50,000 miles and it has done beautifully…but if it had had only 14,000, I’d possibly be looking at another couple of years of life out of it!
I am truly torn between the two. The 4 cylinder feels more familiar to me, but the V-6 is an awesome car to drive.

Thanks for your comments. I haven’t been able to find another newer for that price within a 100 miles radius of where I live. Can find them maybe a year newer with much higher mileage. That sort of brings me back to my original question (or part of the original question anyway)…how much difference does that extra 28,000 miles make in a car of comparable age?

That sort of brings me back to my original question (or part of the original question anyway)…how much difference does that extra 28,000 miles make in a car of comparable age?

If it’s just down to these cars, I’ve always been a fan or newer and lower mileage the better; so put my vote then in for the v6. IMO, either choice is good; you’ve done your homework.
Best of Luck

You can’t go wrong here–2 very good choices. Are these being sold “Honda Certified” used? I got my Civic with a 1 year “bumper to bumper” warranty and 7 year 100k mile powertrain warranty from original purchase date when new. (on your car that will be the year 2014). Never had to use it of course–it is a Honda.

Price difference is negligible. If you keep the car for 19 years like your last Honda, doesn’t the difference work out to just over $100 per year? You can find that in your couch cushions. Get the V6!!!

The 6-cyl is an EX-L; Is the 4-cyl also an EX-L, or an EX? I like the Edmunds price guides. They seem more reasonable in the purchase or sale evaluations I’ve done. The V6 is about right for a car from the dealer. It’s about $800 high (in my zip code) if it’s a private sale. They price the 4-cyl at $13,600 for a private sale and $14,800 for a dealer sale if it’s an EX-L. If it’s an EX, $14,000 is way high ($12,200/#13,000 respectively).

I’d buy the V6 because I really like mine. But that’s just me. I have a 2005 automatic sedan and get 28 MPG commuting on the highway. The 4-cyl averages 5 MPG better (~24%), and it that is really important, go with the 4. I do enjoy the extra power, quiet ride, and smooth response of the V6 and 20% lower fuel economy is not a deal buster for me.

I own a 2006 Accord EX V6 manual transmission car. I love it. It will turn 30 to 31 MPG at 75 MPH on a trip. Yes, it drops to 22 or so around town, but man it’s great on the road. The only thing I wish I had from the 4 cylinder version is the 16" wheels instead of the 17" that come stock on the V6.

Thanks! I loved my Honda so much…and got so overwhelmed by the countless options available to me, that I finally decided to narrow my choices to Hondas within my price range, and that ultimately left me with these two options. And yes, I’m going for the V6!

Unfortunately these are not Honda Certified used…wish they were, but I couldn’t find anything comparable within my price range that offered that. A bit of a gamble, I know…but as you said…it’s a Honda, so I think my chances are good. :>)
I called today to confirm that they will hold the V6 for me until I get financing squared away!

Thanks for your comments. I didn’t know the 6 cylinder was an EX-L…the description says it’s EX. It says the other one is EX-L. Guess I didn’t much know the difference! Both are at a small local dealer so I guess the prices are reasonable. Seems like manual transmissions are kind of hard to find around here (Kansas City). They’re out there, but you have to really look.
I don’t think the fuel economy aspect is a deal-breaker for me. I’ve been driving a very basic model 1997 Toyota Corolla while I’m car shopping, and that thing only gets about 28 average mpg…and it has NO power, and is NOT quiet, and NOT fun to drive.

Thanks for the real-life example. I can sure live with 30 MPG on the highway! (See above reply!) I do enough highway driving to make road trips something I can really enjoy!
I don’t know about the wheels…does it make tire more expensive? I don’t think much about that kind of detail, so it might be something I will never even know or think about. :>)

Triedaq left the computer unattended again, so I will give you my advice: “Don’t cheap out”. Choose the one with the lower mileage that you really like the best. We just bought a new minivan, as we sold our Chevrolet Uplander to our son. Triedaq was looking for a used Uplander as a replacement. I convinced him to look at new minivans. We went to the Toyota dealer. The dealer had 2010 and 2011 models. The 2011 has a lot of improvements and with some persuasion, I convinced him to buy it. I bought the vehicle I really liked back in 2003–a Toyota 4Runner–and I have never regretted the decision.

Mrs. Triedaq

Welcome Aboard Mrs. Triedaq. Now I Know Where Mr. Triedaq Gets His Good Advice. :wink:


If it were me, I would not let 28,000 miles factor into my decision. Both cars will last a long time and I would consider both cars “low mileage.”

Because I live with a tight budget, I would want the one with lower operational costs (per mile), so I would opt for the four banger. You, however, seem to scoff at the extra fuel costs, so you will also probably scoff at extra maintenance costs in favor of some extra horsepower. If that is the case, get the one you obviously want, the V6.