Honda S2000, year 2000 with 87000 miles

I have the above car which is great, however, the roof latch that connects the convertible, ragtop, top to the windshield is not tight. Honda replaced it under warranty 3 years ago and its no longer tight; the air whistles in between the top of the windshield frame and the part of the roof that latchs/clamps to the windshield. i brought the car to Honda today and the quote was $446, which is about $400 more than i want to spend. any idea? there do NOT appear to be any adjustment devices in the latch itself (like screws/bolts) that could be tightened to make the connection closer. Thanks, and i love your radio show.


Check with an automobile upholstery shop. They might put a seal strip in, or something.

Even though there are no obvious adjustments it is possible that by loosening the holding bolts/screws the latch anchor can be slid to adjust. That’s the way many latches are adjusted. I don’t know, it’s just a suggestion.

This is where you need to polish up your Google skills. If you search for S2000 and “owner” and “forum” you will find this British web site and there I found a nice article about your problem. Take a look. You will have to copy and paste this link. Or maybe it will work with a click.