"new" convertible


It is a '94, but was garaged most of it’s life.

so…We were putting the top back up today & I noticed that the hook that connects the top to the windshield is: A) Threaded & B) loose. It’s got about 1" of threads & it looks like (to me) it’s only 3-5 turns into the mounting bracket.

Husband said not to tighten it.

I worked in machining for many years & am pretty good with most mechanical stuff.

It bothers me that this hook is so loose!

Especially since the top leaks when we put it through the “Laser” car wash. And have to jostle it around to get the top to match up with the locks.

HELLLPPPP MEEEE convince MY blond guy that this hook needs to be tightened up.


A '94 convertible. Wow, that really narrows it down!

It seems to me you already know what needs to be done. I suggest you just do it when he’s not around. Fix the top so it doesn’t leak.

And if your guy is reading this, I say, “Let her fix it.” What’s wrong with you? It’s obviously not adjusted correctly, and needs to be “fixed.” Follow her advice. She’s on the right track.

Now, if only I (we) had an inkling of what make and model we were talking about. Imagine how helpful that might have been!


For pity’s sake, just tighten the damn hook!

It is possible the previous owner deliberately loosened it because the top needed to reach all the way forward and he didn’t have the strength to stretch it far enough, y’think? No matter; that hook was intended to be tight. Just do it!

Um, you forget to tell us what your mystery car is called.


1994, Olds Cutlass supreme. 71K miles.
DOHC, 24 valve, v6. auto, ABS.“Racing Package”
Leather interior, 4 bucket seats.
After market Kenwood, Satellite compatible, am/fm/cd player.
Almost all the bells and whistles available in 1994.
Including driver side airbag & a programmable climate control system.
We paid $3900 for it.
Did I mention the brand new Michellen tires?
And the brand new brakes?
And the fact that has NO RUST on it?
And a new timing belt…

enough info now?


PS: the next time the top goes down, I’ll quietly tighten up that hook.


We call it the OLDS.
The other car is the nissan.


I just realized that I should have titled this: “Screws Loose In Geezer’s Car…”
time for my pills & night night.