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Sprung Miata convertible rooftop latch

While I was putting the top up on my 2002 Miata today, someone failed to pull the sun visor on the passenger side out of the way before snapping down the rooftop latch. Because I was sitting inside on the driver’s side, I saw what was happening and stopped them from further forcing the latch. However, I fear they managed to slightly spring the latch because it doesn’t snap down as snug as it used to. They didn’t push hard enough to leave even the slightest mark or imprint on the visor but, just the same, the latch isn’t right anymore. Is there a way for me to make some sort adjustment to the latch, or will I have to take the car in for repair. I’m now worried about a leak between the windshield seal and the roof, although the fit looks and feels snug from the outside. Thanks.

Take your car to a car wash, and see if there’s a leak.
You might need to go to a Miata forum, and see if they know the best way to resolve the issue with the latch.


Excellent suggestion about the car wash. I’ll do that right away.

I haven’t looked into Miata forums because I wasn’t sure about convertible rooftop nomenclature. But if you understood my description, then perhaps I’m more articulate than I thought.


[i] But if you understood my description, then perhaps I'm more articulate than I thought. [/i]  

You are far better than most. However you might try to find a good spot for a paragraph break or two.

I seem to remember that I had something like that (likely when I was putting on a new top. and a little force in the right spot put it back in shape.

If the top leaks then call a couple of upholstery shops that deal in convertible tops. I’m sure they have a fix for “sprung” latches.