2008 Honda S2000 top: shattered window

I forgot to latch the top of my Honda S2000 (ok, ok, it was not me. It was my younger sister) and drove 10miles in the free way. When she got home there was a 8inch gap between the top and frame. She tried to open the top from that position. Once the top was almost completely down, she heard a sound. When we went back and checked the back window was shattered.

I am very surprised that forgetting to latch can cause this much of damage.

Any comment?

Where was this 8-inch gap? Between the top and the windshield? Or somewhere else?

WAY before there was an 8-inch gap between the top and the windshield frame, whoever was driving should have pulled over and latched the top.

Driving at freeway speed without latching the top will create a LOT of pressure on the metal frame that supports the top, and could have bent it considerably. You’re lucky the top wasn’t torn off the car. Honda must make a pretty strong convertible top frame.

Who pays for a new window is up to you, but I don’t think the fault is with Honda. Don’t be surprised if you need more than just a window.

I am very surprised that forgetting to latch can cause this much of damage.

I think you’ll find that most people will be surprised that more damage did not occur. IMO, you were lucky.


I have complete loss and damage coverage. Will my insurance pay for it?

Call your insurance agent. If you have full coverage they probably will pay for it. Then they’ll raise your rates.

If it is that important to latch the top, why they do not have an alarm for it? (they have an alarm for leaving the light on, or leaving the door open!)

Maybe you should own a sedan, then you could complain about the lack of a “you-forgot-to-close-the-sunroof” alarm when the interior of your parked car gets flooded in a downpour.

Perhaps they assumed that anyone driving the car would be responsible enough to actually latch the roof, prior to driving the car at high speed. Obviously they overestimated the sense of responsibility of some drivers.