2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class whistles

My 2012 Mercedes SLK 350 convertible is making a god-awful whistling sound where the front of the roof makes contact with the top of the windshield. The rubber weather stripping looks to be in good condition. Is there any type of mechanical adjustment that can be made to the locking devise that connects the roof to the windshield?
The 2012 replaced an 2005 model & I never had this problem.

Common convertible problem. The seals relax over time and let air through. When you hear the whistle, pull down on the top ad see if you can make it go away. If you can, the seal has relaxed a bit too much. You can replace the seal but…

My Honda S2000 had this problem. I found a fix on the S2000 forum to use spacer washers under the latch to compress the seal further. Take a look at an SLK specific forum, YouTube or science it out yourself. Try a few things and see what might work.

Is there an adjustment on the clamps that hold the top to the windshield? You might be able to just screw the clamps in a little bit to make them hold the top tighter. I had that on a Porsche I once owned.

This automated hardtop has no manual clamps at the top, right? Might be time for a dealer visit, or call around to MB specialists in your area.

You might also post this on an SLK forum discussion.

I agree with Texases’ advice. Mercedes may even have a factory procedure to adjust the mechanism to eliminate the whistle.