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Honda Odyssey?s Accelerometer Output High in Icy Condition

I have a 04 Honda Odyssey. When I start to accelerate on icy roads, the accelerometer? output suddenly reaches a high level, and a noise can also be heard. After that everything back to normal. Is this a serious problem? Thank you! Fong

Sounds like you are spinning the tires on the ice. It is not a problem however you should be very light on throttle in icy conditions.

An accelerometer is one thing, a speedometer is another. If your talking about the thing that tells you how fast you are going that is on the dash, then it is the speedometer. If your talking about a part of a vehicle stability system and you are monitoring it using an OBDII scan tool, then that could be an accelerometer.

Sorry it should be the speedometer. Thanks!

The speedometer jumps because one of the drive wheels is spinning on the ice. The noise is the tire spinning and the engine revving. Everything returns to normal when the tire regains traction and the van begins to move.

Stepping lightly on the throttle might minimize this.

I suggest you STOP doing that before you kill yourself or someone else.

When tires are spinning it means you’re NOT in control of your vehicle. Less on the throttle will go a longs way.

It could be that Traction Control is kicking in to stop the spinning of the wheel.

Does a traction control indicator light up on the dash when this happens?