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2009 Odyssey making noise when accelerating

Lately i notice that my odyssey makes a noise like" krrrrrrrrrrr" when accelerating. It does not do so when in neutral. It has been to the dealer about 15 days back and since then weve driven it about a 500 mi. It may have been making that noise earlier but noticed it only in past 4-5 days. Im a novice at car repairing so may need help in digging further.

Thanks and cheers

When you are driving at a steady speed, does it make the noise? What about when braking? turning corners?

“in neutral”? do you mean when driving, you shift into neutral and the sound stops?

how about when idling? When you press on the gas while in park or neutral?

Does the pitch of the noise change when you change speed?

How many miles on this car?

Thanks for the useful pointers:
Miles ~ 90,000
No noise when driving at steady speed, but definately noticable when accelerating. Just drove it with the windows down and it makes noise only when accelerating.
No sound when braking or turning corners.
No sound when shifting to neutral while driving or idling or when pressing on gas in parking.
The pitch is constant, no change.
Hope this helps in narrowing down the problem. Could it be some loose part the service people forot to tighten and is making that noise?

What service was done?

Just the ususal oil change and tire rotation. Nothing more. They did recomment transmission oil change which i declined as its only been about 35k mi since lat change and i found that its recommended every 50k. Am i wrong in that?

What area of the car does it seem to come from, front middle or back? my first hope would be for an exhaust component such as a heat shield.

Yes. Those transmissions are weak and they gave you good advice.

I’m a little concerned this problem might be engine pinging. That means the gas inside the cylinder is exploding before it reaches the point in the cycle it should. It’s noticed on rapid acceleration, going up hills, and often not at idle or just going down a level road at a constant speed. Severe pinging can damage the engine internals if it goes on for any length of time. Severe pinging sounds like you are shaking a metal can with coins inside. Does this sound anything like that? If so you need to take your Honda to a mechanic immediately. Minor pinging can sound like that too, but it is usually much more subtle, often you can hear the individual “ping” sounds, very faintly. Minor pinging needs to be addressed asap, but isn’t a dire emergency like severe pinging.

Has anything happened to the engine recently, like work done on it? Any gas fill ups from stations you don’t normally use? Is the check engine light on?

Thanks a lot for all the tips so far. Im going to get it checked tomorrow for sure. That scares the hell out of me as i have to make another trip out of town. My only hope is that the engine stays healthy since ive always been very regular with servicing and have always done it at Honda dealers. The sound is more of like something repeatedly hitting something at a constant rate( like a metal plate touching a rotating gear). I hope the heat shield solution works. Will update the post on whatever i find.

Thanks a lot for all the advice.