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Trans ? Odyssey skipping during acceleration


I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey. It consistently, randomly skips during acceleration. Have brought it to Honda and they said nothing is findable. Another mechanic tried to sell me an engine mount, stating that this was the cause. At this point, brought it to Honda to have this verified. They scoffed and said the guy was nuts and that my engine mount was fine.

As for the skipping, the only other way I can describe the feeling is like tires spinning on ice, but without the sound of spinning tires, just that jumping over ice feeling. It happens when I accelerate from a stop, or even while I’m on the highway, as I go from a steady speed to an increased speed. It sounds like a jump in the engine.

I keep thinking TRANSMISSION! But as I’ve said, I have brought it to two mechanics with no answer! VERY FRUSTRATING. The skipping has been going on randomly for years.

Also, the D and engine light started over the summer, behaving consistently randomly, usually a day after I have pumped gas. It then shuts off on its own after some random amount of time. Honda reset the computer panel and denied any problems. I’m not surprised, and yet I am.

On a separate note, I was an idiot and drove on hot tar! I wasn’t paying attention to the tar trucks. Did I ruin my tires?!!

Thanks for your help here.

Could you clarify something? “Consistently randomly” doesn’t make sense to me. Does it always happen, or just occasionally? If occasionally, how often?

A broken engine mount could cause a ‘jump’ feeling, but so can many other things. If you had an engine light come on, take it to an auto parts store. Many can read the codes for free (except in CA). Even if it’s not on now, the code should be stored. Post the code here (of the form Pxxxx); that may help.

If you see the RPM jump up when it’s upshifting or if it occasionally revs before you move from a stop, you’re probably looking at a new transmission. Same thing happened to my family’s 2002 Odyssey.