2016 Odyssey Shuddering at 20-45-ish mph

2016 Honda Odyssey with about 33,000 miles.
Over the past 5,000 miles and about 3 weeks our van has developed a problem that has gotten steadily worse. The problem is most noticeable between 20 and 45-ish mph. As you gently accelerate through 20 mph it starts stuttering/hesitating/hiccuping. Not badly enough for the whole car to shake but enough for the passenger to feel it. If you press hard on the gas it seems to go away. I don’t notice anything at high or low speeds outside the 20-45 mph. It is definitely more pronounced around 30 mph and seems to be less noticeable the further you get from that speed.
Thank you

Maybe check the lug nuts on your hub assemblies. I’ve had the same symptoms and it was the studs/lug nuts.


Your warranty may still be in effect. Find out.

I just checked the lug nuts. One nut on a front tire was less than a quarter turn loose, another on the other front tire was less than 1/8 loose.

I bought the vehicle used (not Certified Used) so I don’t think the warranty is valid for me? I haven’t looked into that yet.

Maybe only to original purchaser - but you want to know.

Also, if Honda has a plan to cover problem areas beyond the original new-car warranty, it should not matter who owns the car at that time.

I wonder if this shuttering at light throttle could be due to Honda’s cylinder deactivation (whatever Honda’s term for it is)? Some Honda engines (I believe the V6 in an Odyssey would apply) are designed to run on less than 6 cylinders under light loads. There may or may not be an icon displayed on the dash when some of the cylinders are not active. Check your owner’s manual and see if the vehicle has that feature.

I made an appointment at the dealer in hopes that it falls under the warranty. I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for your help so far!

I just got my car back from the dealer and I am a satisfied customer (which I don’t often say after having my car serviced at a dealer!). I haven’t driven it enough to be sure the problem is gone but so far so good.
Apparently Honda has a service bulletin, #17-043, on the problem. The receipt says they updated the PGM-F1 software and performed a transmission flush. And Honda covered the cost!

Please keep an eye on those lug nuts for a while. If they’re loosening on their own because the threads are damaged, you want to figure that out before a wheel falls off while you’re driving.