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Unsettled RPMs and "mushing" sound when accelerating slowly

I have a 2015 Odyssey with ~75K miles. If I accelerate uphill or slowly often times the RPMs will bounce around between two ticks on the gauge, the engine will make a mushing sound, and the car will hesitate a bit. If I give it more gas, it always goes away but it needs to be a fair amount more on the pedal. At first I thought it was my occasionally slow driving habits but then I noticed that the van does this even when on cruise.
Any thoughts? Could it be something serious?

Is the check engine light on? Or any other warning lights?

no - never had any issues with it. Maintenance is pretty much up to date.

Is this a new issue? If not, you could just be describing hunting between two gears, which isn’t uncommon on many cars.

Not clear… there are no warning lights currently showing now or when this occurs? Correct?

I’d suggest taking it to a well rated repair shop and let them take a look at the van. Expect to pay for a diagnostic and don’t let them try to tell you “if the check engine light isn’t on, we don’t know what to do”

No warning lights now, and none have ever come on for any reasons.

When was the transmission fluid last changed?
That should have been done twice so far, according to the age of the vehicle and the odometer mileage.
If that has not been done, then I suggest having it done when you take the car to your mechanic for a diagnostic check. Make sure that ONLY genuine Honda trans fluid is used.

It’s not changing gears. I’m aware of that as a possibility. Definitely just engine revs fluctuating in a methodic fashion.

Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body…


Ok. It has been changed once but I’ll need to check about a second time.

Additionally, I don’t think I am the only forum member who doesn’t understand what a “mushing” sound is like. Can you elaborate, or can you post a sound file/video?

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