Honda CRV Driver Door Lock



The lock on the driver side decided it does not like the key (manufacturer’s) anymore and first it open with some convincing and now it does not unlock anymore. Everytime I get into my car, I use the passenger door to open the driver’s.

I used WD40 and some other lubricants but in vain. Is this requiring a trip to a locksmith or is there a different remedy I could use?


You could remove the inside door panel and moisture barrier (be careful not to damage it) and have a look at the lock mechanism.

I take it this is just a standard door lock and not power?

The lock may be worn out or there may be a disconnected or broken linkage.
If you’re using the same key to unlock the passenger door, the key must be good.


It is possible the cylinder and or tumblers are worn and need replacing. Stay away from WD40, in a short amount of time it will gum up badly. I would use white lithuim grease.


Many 2002 Honda CRV owners have this same or similar issues (Myself included). I have attached an service bulletin from Honda that gives a little more detail (03-068).