Repost: Honda CRV Door Won't Unlock

I’m reposting this because my last post had no replies on it:

I have a 2000 Honda CR-V with a door lock problem that’s been going on for about a couple months now. What happens is that sometimes the driver’s door lock (and only the driver’s door) will refuse to unlock. What will happen is all of the other door locks will pop up (meaning the little peg that pops up and down when you lock and unlock the doors) but the driver’s door lock will only pop up halfway and the door won’t unlock or open.

My dad has already taken the door panel off, cleaned everything out and put it back. It worked fine for about a week and then the lock acted up again. It can’t be the key fob because it’s brand new and it works fine. And if I put the key in the lock, the door still won’t unlock.

Has the vehicle been in an accident? Is the door correctly aligned?

Something is binding, preventing the mechanism from sliding (as designed) when the door is CLOSED.

Open the door and try the lock both manually from the inside of the door and with the key.

You likely won’t be able to lock/unlock the door (With the REMOTE) while it’s open.

It hasn’t been in an accident in almost a year. And the last accident was nothing more than a bump from behind and a dent in the bumper. The door is also correctly aligned.

I have tried with the key and from inside and it stayed unlocked. Obviously, I can’t unlock the door when it’s open because I CAN’T OPEN IT.

On a side note, the darn thing opened today!! I have no idea why because I was in school and opened it during lunch at around 12:20 PM. It was locked the last time I tried which was the same day at about 6:50 in the morning. After listening to Tom and Ray for a year, I know exactly what they would say: Then what are you asking us for?!

I don’t have much of a clue as to what those two do or don’t do except that they very rarely post here.

You contradict yourself.

You said you unlocked the door from the inside with the key and it stayed UNlocked. Then you say you can’t get the door open.

Concerning the remote’s use, another area to look at is the wiring that goes through the door to the vehicle.

The wiring tends to get brittle from constant door opening and closing and time.

Ah, so I did. I don’t know why I didn’t catch that typo. I meant that the door stayed locked. However, the wiring could be a possibility. But that doesn’t really explain how anything changed after I left my car-with the door still locked-and headed toward the band room. It’s not like someone rocked the car and jiggled the wiring. Do you think it could be the actuator?

The lock on the driver’s side of my Honda 2003 CRV had to be replaced. Now I have three keys–one for the driver door, one for the ignition and one for the back gate and the passenger door side. I took it back to the dealer and they pretended to fix it but it went out immediately. I now have another mechanic and that’s when I had the driver side lock replaced. I could have gotten one-key-for-all but … more$$$. In order to not use all three keys, I unlock the back gate from inside the driver’s door.