Honda CRV 1997 is leaking

I have a HONDA CRV 1997, and when I take it to the CAR WASH it is leaking…on the passenger side. I find no evidence of water anywhere but under the dash board…it leaks all over the floor on the passenger side. It is so bad they had to vacuum the water out. It does not do this in even the hardness of rain…only CAR WASH

They thought it was the air condition, than the windows, than they just did not know…said they needed to trouble shoot. That of course would have cost me a fortune. Has this happpened to anybody else?? Please help me, I need to find out what is wrong so I can have it fixed…

First- Do you have a sunroof? They are common problems. Yes windows can leak, but I would guess you have a clogged drain in that area in front of the window. Often leaves ect. fall through the grill and clog the drain. It also could be the door seals or the drains inside the door that let out water that will get in around the roll up window.

I had a leak like this on my 2000 Blazer. I used a garden hose to run a steady stream of water into the windshield cowl (grill in front of the windshield) while looking under the dash with a flashlight. There was a leak in the seam between the inner fender and the firewall. A trickle of water was coming down the seam under the padding and carpet and accumulating under the carpet on the driver’s side. A little bit of silicone sealer fixed the leak.

Ed B.

I know I can help. The previous poster is correct on the technique, however, my 2000 CRV did the same thing in the same area. After using the hose, I saw it leaking from the fan. Remove the fan (a pain unless you are a contortionist). Repeat the hose trick. I could barely see with a light where it was coming in between a seem. Since my hand barely fit, I did not want to use silicone caulk because it would get all over. I jammed a line of plumber’s putty into the seem. Hasn’t leaked since. The caulk would probably be better, but it is hard to reach up in there. Good luck.


PS- Have an assistant to handle the hose so you can stay under the dash. In addition, the leak got worse with time. I was ignoring it until it happened during rain storms.