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Drivers side water leak beneath brake & gas pedals

I have a 2000 CRV with 95,000 miles. In a heavy rain I get water leakage on my driver’s side floor. Have had a new windshield installed but it still leaks. Plan to keep vehicle for 2-3 years more.

Most likely that windshield was not sealed properly. I suggest that you go back to the glass company and have them use their ultrasonic detector on the base of the windshield in order to locate the problem area.

Does it have a sunroof? If it does, this could be a cause. How is the door seal? You can run a hose over the windshield and see if you can find the leak.

IF you have a sunroof, read on…if not, just ignore me. :slight_smile:

If you open the door, and look in by the hinges, you should find what appears to be a hose that’s pinched off (like the sealed end of a toothpaste tube). That hose is the drain for the sunroof. If it gets blocked (and it’s easy for that to happen), then the water will back up and leak through the pillar onto your floor.

You should be able to squeeze the end of the hose and open it to allow whatever’s in there out. You want to be sure and run more water through the drain in the sunroof and clean out that passage.

As an aside, it’s good practice to clean them as a part of your spring cleaning when you’re done with winter and making your car look pretty and ready for summer. :slight_smile: Well, we can try, anyway.