Watery CR-V

I have a 2003 CR-V that is leaking water all over the floor of the passenger side front seat. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Given the season, I’d say your air conditioner drain line is plugged. They do that some time. It’ll be under your car somewhere near the front of the passenger area. Little rubber hose. Unplug it by (GENTLY) sticking a piece of weed eater line in it.

Of course, if you’re like my SO and are cold all the time, and have been running your heater, then your heater core is shot.

i agree with shadowfax, if it’s just water it’s a plugged drain, but a bad heater core would be accompanied by that expensive sweet smell of coolant.

While I believe shadowfax is correct, I would also consider the possibility of a sunroof drain blockage, assuming you have a sunroof.