Sick car

I have a 1997 crv honda, in which I purchased used 15500 miles…it leaks when you take it to the car wash…it leaks under the dashboard on the passenger side only. It leaks so bad you have to pump the water out. I also have a problem with it missing…after you drive so long on the freeway, it starts missing…what is wrong with this car??? Please help

I have had a water pump and all the fixings timing belt and all, I have had new distributor wires and everything…a new radiator…I am tried…

The check engine light should be on showing the misfire. Go to Auto Zone, Pep Boys, etc., for a free scan of the check engine light. Bring those trouble codes here. Example: code P0123.
The windshield seal may be leaking. The drains from the cowl area (just in front of the windshield) may be stopped up. It could be a door seal, or the door fit. A body shop could help you.

Check the cabin air filter to see if it is wet. That might be how the water gets into the CR-V. If the cabin filter is wet, then you need to look under the hood at the air inlet to the air filter. Somewhere above the air inlet there could be a blockage or misaligned water diverter.