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My mom's leaking Honda


My mom has a 1999 Honda CR-V with 107 grand and the problem is that the passenger side of the car gets saturated after a heavy rain.

It is worth noting that the windshield in this vehicle has been replaced twice. My dad was driving on the freeway when a rock flew off a dump truck and put a nice big crack in the windshield. It was replaced for free and then the following week the same thing happened and it was replaced for free a second time. We live in KY and entitled to a free windshield replacement per insurance policy/state law. I think it may be this way in all 50 states but anyway…

Originally we suspected that the window people did an aff hassed job so we had the thing resealed professionally.

We tried replacing the weather stripping around the passenger door, and also where the bottom of the windshield meets the cowl/engine compartment. We also cleaned the gutters on the door panel.

Now we are going to remove the whole glove compartment and see if we can determine if the water is leaking in somewhere we can’t see it.

Any advice for mom ?

bump ?

Mom, don’t sit in the passengers seat.
Leaks can be difficult to find. You have the right idea. Look under, and behind the dash, as someone sprays the car with a garden hose. It could be a drain hole which is stopped up, or where a wire bundle comes in. Check that engine coolant isn’t being lost and leaking from the heater core. I don’t think the cause is the wind shield.

Does This Car Have A Front Fender (Or Roof) Mounted Antenna?

Does just the floor get wet and not the seat? If you can answer both questions with a “yes”, then check the base of the antenna. Antennae can leak and water follows the antenna lead to its lowest point and then drips off.

Yes it’s a roof mounter and yes its the carpet only getting wet, not the seat. But the antenna is on the driver’s side, does that make a difference ?