Honda Civic 1997 Driver Side Wheel randomly grinds when turning right

I have a 1997 Honda Civic and just recently, when the car turns right, a grinding sound eminates from the wheel.
It sounds like the break pads rubbing up against the disk but this only happens on turns or if I stop, and put the car in reverse briefly.
Could this be an issue with the calipers or would this likely be a wore out wheel bearing?
I have heard a faint whistle coming from the tire when driving down the freeway but that is also intermitent and I don’t hear the occasional whirring sound typical of a worn out bearing.
I’ll pull the wheel off today and check it out but I thought I’d bring it up and see what the group thinks.
Maker Mig

If your car makes noise turning right, check out the LEFT front wheel. When you turn right you throw weight on the left side of the car.

Could also be one of your half shaft’s CV joints but usually they click loudly when turning the wheel. Look at the shaft that goes from your transmission to your wheel. It will have two boots on it. One of them may be torn and dirt got in there. The boots cover the CV joints. The boots could even look fine but a CV joint may have worn out.
IF that is the case, it isn’t a horribly difficult job to do if you do it yourself or a terribly expensive job to get done.

I suppose, if you’re driving around on the original struts, the wheel might be rubbing against the body of the car.

This could be many things. If it sounds like the brakes, it might just be the brakes.

If it is a wheel bearing you can find out pretty quickly.

Raise the front of the vehicle so that tire is off the ground. Grab the tire at the 6:00 oclock and the 12:00 oclock positions and try wiggling the tire for slop. If the tire wiggles that bearing is worn.


Thanks everyone for the comments. I got around to lifting the car up and found that the breaks seem to be the cause of the grinding and that the boot for the CV joint is also torn so a double whammy. I’ll change the brakes and see what I can do about getting a new boot or a new cv joint.

Okay, so I changed the brakes on the drivers side along with the caliper. It was leaking so I had to change it. Took it for a test drive and the car wheel makes sort of a slight tapping sound as it rolls down the road. Could the brake pads be off or not adjusted correctly? Will it eventually go away or should I surrender and take it into a garage.

Did your new brake pads come with shims? If not, I’d use the shims from the old brake pads.

Okay, I’ll check that out but no, the new ones did not have shims. Darnit. Should have put them on.

I hope you changed the right side brake pads too.

@ knfenimore. I actually didn’t. I checked the pads and rotor and they had plenty of brake on there. I’m considering changing them along with the caliper but haven’t yet. Is that typical to change both sides at the same time?

I always change both. The old pads can have a glaze. Plus, they will wear at the same rate. This way the right won’t be a problem later.

Alright. Will do.