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Grinding noise while turning right

Thank you for reading my post. I have 2009 corolla with 70000 miles on it. I replaced new brake pads. I have some metal grinding noise when i turn right only. I tried looking online and got few similar problem faced by other people. I am not sure if its exactly same issue. No accident damage. Mostly driven on freeway.

  1. noise looks similar
  2. I do not get noise when i accelerate
  3. for car this old is it expected ?
  4. how much cost I am looking for
  5. consequences if i do not fix it ?


The noise you hear is from bearings in the outer CV-joint grinding themselves up while you turn.

If the CV-joint totally fails and comes apart the vehicle won’t move.


Are these video’s of your car. Or are these videos that you downloaded and think you’re car sound like this.


First video - does sound like outer CV joint while accelerating through a right turn. I assume your “2) I do not get noise when i accelerate” means in a straight line.

Second video - sounds like the brake rotor hitting the dust shield. See if you can find any wear marks on the dust shield or rotor. A recent poster accidentally bent his dust shield doing brake work and it was hitting the inside of his rotor.

Third video - sounds like pretty normal clunks when moving an unloaded axle around. It can be hard to pick up a failing CV joint this way.

New axle - $70 part, $200 labor.

The above advice is excellent. I didn’t listen to the sounds, but here’s something else beyond what is said above to consider.

Did you replace the brake pads yourself, and this was the first time you’ve done it on this car? If so, I expect you haven’t installed the parts correctly or have forgotten some of them, or put them on the wrong side of the car, forgot to lube where lube is required, etc. There’s a bunch of parts, various shims, wear indicators, and they all have to go on exactly the way they are supposed to. Do you have a car repair manual for your car? If you don’t, buy one. Even the most generic manuals like Chiltons usually show a good diagram of all these parts and how they all fit together and a description of where the lube needs to go.

Thank you everyone for prompt reply.

  1. these videos are not mine. i just watched from youtube and posted which i think is most relevant.

  2. I went to firestone dealership and they did showed me grease coming out of left (driver side ) cv joint under the car. They did say i do not need axle replacement immediately but will need it in near future like 1 month from now.

Now that I need around $500 repair I was thinking of trading in car and getting new one