Harmonica-like sounds from L wheel

For the past three weeks I’ve been noticing some melodic but unwanted sounds from my Honda Civic when I make a hard left turn. It sounds to me like it comes from the left front wheel well-- but having looked at some other posts, is this possibly related to an issue with the power steering? Or something else? It made quite a spectacular grinding noise on a single afternoon about a month ago, but when I took it into my mechanic, he told me there was nothing going on. Since that day, it has continued to intermittently make this strangely harmonica-like noise, only when moving, and only when turning to the left. Thoughts? Suggestions? Jokes??

You’re describing a wheel bearing in the early stages of failure.

Sometimes you can detect a bad wheel bearing by placing your hand on the strut spring and then slowly rotate the tire.


I agree.
With an outside possibility of a CV joint.

Does the frequency change with speed? If so, possibly the tire is hitting a loose fender liner.

If you accurately described the grinding noise to your mechanic and they replied “there is nothing going on” find another mechanic.

Excellent point, sarge. I wholeheartedly agree.

I was worried y’all might say that about the mechanic-- he’s been great with so many other things, this really surprised me. But: I have noticed an increase in frequency with an increase in velocity (forgot to mention that), so I think I’ll pursue both the bad wheel bearing idea and the loose fender liner idea. Thanks!!

Check the brake pads too. More likely a bearing though. If you touch the brakes does it stop? If so brakes.

the mystery was solved by the same guys who told me not to worry about it before-- a pebble in the hubcap! Apparently this is a classic Click and Clack troubleshooting solution, but I hadn’t heard of it before. So glad it wasn’t anything dangerous.