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Grinding/ rubbing noise coming from the right rear wheel

My '98 Honda Civic hatch is making a rubbing or grinding type noise that seems to be coming from the right rear wheel. It only happens when I’m making a speedy left turn and is made worse when there’s lots of weight in the back seat. My boyfriend who mostly knows what he’s doing checked the wheel for play and any grinding of the wheel bearings and he thinks the bearings are fine. We also checked around the wheel for foreign objects and any obvious issues i.e. pieces of the car hanging off… and we didn’t see anything. Does any one have any suggestions as to what might be the problem?
Laura in VT

The only two things back there that would make a grinding noise are bearings and brakes. Since the noise changes with turning, I would still think bearings.

check the dust shield, if your car has one. If nothing else, it’s the cheaper alternative.

I had a similar issue yesterday as a mater of fact. Turned a corner and my right rear wheel area started making a funny noise, then leaving from work it made a metallic scraping noise. Got to messing around with the shield and everything, it stopped making the noise.

I had a similar noise last year - it was a brake noise. Didn’t require any expensive repair.