2011 Ford Edge - Grinding sound

When I turn right, why does my SUV have a grinding sound?

In my experience, there are a few likely causes. One is simply a wheel-well liner has detached a bit and rubs the tire when you turn. You may be able to look and see that. It may also be related to the CV joints, though it could really be quite a long list of things. A mechanic may help quickly. Let us know what you find out.

Might be a bad wheel bearing. I had that when turning right in a van I used to own. Take it a mechanic you trust and describe the problem. They will analyze it and recommend a fix. Expect to pay for the diagnosis and the repair unless the evaluation can be quick

Kid swears car makes grinding/scraping sound at low speeds after 1/2 hr. I inspected brakes and backing plate had .030 clearance from new rotor. Had a small kink from brake job? Is sound due to heat expansion of parts? I couldn’t duplicate sound. And increased clearance.

Wheel bearings tend to make roaring noises, louder the faster you go. Wheel bearing problems when turning tend to make a sort of rrr rrr rrr noise, interrupted sort of whirring sound, sort of like a tire w/a flat spot. CV joints failing tend to make clicking noises when turning. Grinding noises in wheel area, my experience, something rubbing on tire/wheel, or brake pad/brake shoe problem. I had a grinding noise when the Corolla’s rear brake shoe lining had reached its limit. That wasn’t only when turning though.

If I had that problem I’d remove the left wheel , front or back depending on where the noise is, and inspect the brake parts carefully, if drums, remove drum, and the surrounding areas to see if the wheel is scraping on anything, and check if any rocks pebbles lodged in the wheel or brake parts.

Classic symptom of a left front wheel bearing starting to go. When you turn right it puts more weight on the left wheel.

If you jack up the left front of the car with the rear wheels blocked, you or an experienced mechanic may be able to feel some roughness in the bearing.

Thank you! I have received great advice from Car Talk. I’m taking my car in this weekend.

I hope that is not one of those franchise shops . While there are some like Firestone , Midas and others that can do good work that just does not apply to the majority .